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real estate photo showcasing a bright dining room and living room
Interior & Exterior | 36+ HDR photos​​​
R.I.P. fisheye look.
Our approach to real estate photography is simple. Our results are captivating. Using the latest in-camera lighting techniques, we capture unparalleled detail and get you the results quickly. 
With our Zero Distortion lenses, we're able to capture an entire room, while keeping every edge straight, and every angle sharp. 
aerial drone image showing a 7 acre property in goshen New York. property has two large pole barns and a large residential home.
Aerial | 5-10 photos
Google Earth on steroids.
​​​Everything you love about our photography, from a bird's eye view. 
Aerial shots clearly depict land & building layouts and give more context to the property's location. 
Example of a floor plan of a home, captured by CRES New York.
Floor Plans
No Blueprints? No Problem!
​​​We'll scan your space and create a top-down floor plan. 
Complete with labels, and accurate to the inch.
3D Tours
Tour it Like a Local...Without Being Local.
High resolution ​​​3D / 360 degree tours, with hosting included.
Available on MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia & more.
Night photo of a unique AirBnB barn conversion, edited with a sky replacement to show a starry night.
Ask about our Photo Extras!
+ Spot Removal (scratches, nail marks, stains)
+ Item (re)placement (fire, fountain, TV screen)
+ Sky Replacement (blue skies even if it was cloudy)
+ Grass Enhancement (cover up dead patches turn yellow into green)
Cinematic Showcase | 60-90 s
No elevator music here.
Like a thousand photos, but better. We'll make a short film showcasing the home and property, complete with slow-moving, intentional cinematography and optional aerial shots. 
Shot and delivered in beautiful 4K resolution, professionally colored and edited.
(Vertical) Cinematic Showcase | 60-90 s
All the benefits of our cinematic showcase, shot and edited for social media.
Shot in true vertical format to preserve full 4k quality and maintain intentional composition. ​​​​​​​
Vertical Speed Tour | 30-60 s
Not your average TikTok.
We take what you love about our cinematic showcase, speed it up, and cater it toward social platforms. 
This is not just widescreen video cropped for social media. This is video shot in true vertical format, so there is no quality loss, and composition remains intentional.
Vertical Aerial Showcase | 30-60 s
Drones don't pop, but this video does.
Just like you're in a hot air balloon! But much safer.
Use as a standalone teaser trailer, compliment your Vertical Speed Tour, or simply provide property layout and location context to your listings.
Don't See What You're Looking For?
No Problem! We'll work with you and adapt our skillsets to fit your needs. 
Tell us exactly what you want, and we'll get back to you right away.
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