Elevated Photo & Video Services​​​​​​​
Interior | Architecture | Real Estate
Combining a love for design with a passion for storytelling. 
Each space has a story to tell, and we want to help direct it. We adapt our gear and shooting style to each individual property, because every story is different.
Our Editorial Style
Editorial style photo of a decorated accent wall, meeting table, and decorative plant.
For Designers, Architects, & Publishers
Encapsulate the mood and intentionality of your space.
Emphasis on color, materials, and proportionality, all focused through a 35mm field of view. We'll work closely with you to capture the essence of your space. 
The best part? You're not limited to still images. In fact, we love adapting this style to our video products.
Our MLS Style
Photo shot with wide lens, showcasing both a kitchen and living room in a single image.
For Brokers, Agents, & Private Sellers
Ultra wide & ultra bright.
Priority on showcasing the full layout and flow of the home, while emphasizing the expanse of your floorpan. 
Our zero distortion lenses allow us to capture the entire space, while keeping every edge straight, and every angle sharp. 
Make it Like a Movie​​​​​​
We don't use the word 'cinematic' lightly. Intentional movements and meticulous post-production lead us to deliver products that exceed industry standard.
Captured From Every Angle​​​
From ground to sky, we've got you covered, while at no point sacrificing our stringent quality standards. 
CRES New York. Through and Through.
From pre-production to post, it's us who handles your requests. No outsourcing, no automated email responses, no middleman.
CRES New York
Cinematic Real Estate Services
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