Our Mission & Our Story
A photo of Nick Di Giugno, founder of CRES New York.
As our name suggests, 'Cinematic Real Estate Services' aims to provide agents and designers alike with the highest quality photo and video production available.
Our goal is to tell visual stories in beautiful and engaging ways, while highlighting the ethos and intentionality behind your space. 
-- -- --
Before Nick Di Giugno founded CRES New York, he worked diligently as a Design Engineer, spending his days (and nights) refining mechanical systems.
After graduating from the University at Buffalo's Aerospace Engineering program, Nick went on to work for multiple fortune 100 companies, ultimately working on the interior design of Tesla's electric vehicles. 
-- -- --
Alongside his studies and professional career, Nick continued to pick up his camera and take on freelance work. 
Year after year, his growing interest in entrepreneurship and his obsession with camera tech signaled an inevitable leap to full time filmmaker. 
-- -- --
CRES New York is the result of 8 years of learning, obsessing, creating, and repeating.
We don't do this because we have to.
We do this because we love to.​​​​​​​
CRES New York
Cinematic Real Estate Services
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